Enabling Offices
To Do More.

Oas36ty helps to automates you daily workflow, coordinates your team and saves you loads of time.

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Oas36ty Features

We provide unique features and quality services to manage your business end to end

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Complete Office Automation

Lessens your burden by automating your complete office in an effective chain

Intelligent Communication System

Unique mailing system to make effective and synchronized communication

Hassle-Free Lead Tracking

Track each and every lead to be sure that no revenue is leaked out

Employee Performance Evaluation

A synchronized measurement of productivity and performance

Client ABC Analysis

A revenue & assignment based ABC analysis to prioritize the focus

Multiple Report Generation

Well laid out profit and loss statement, an escalation based reporting on the logic

Why Choose Oas36ty?

Get your office organized as simple as 1-2-3. It makes offices efficiently coordinated, individually accountable highly performing.

  1. 1
    Understand your requirements

    Lead to lead task management, employee productivity scale, invoice generation and payment processing etc

  2. 2
    Best solution provided

    A smart way to analyze the growth of your work force. Track all your tasks and business leads in one single platform.

  3. 3
    Explore value added features

    Smart and easy interface, complete web management, employee management, domain based emails etc.

Trusted By The Millions

And is trusted by leaders at some of the most inspired organisations.

Constantly trying to remember things drains our energy and causes stress. I think Oas36ty takes all this pressure and worrying off of your head.

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Vivek Stanley
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What Customers Say About Us

Trusted by leaders from the most inspired organizations

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Oas36ty is continuously helping our entire crew to run a systematic and structured business process throughout the work hours and after.

Lokesh Anirudh
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One of the promising office automation tool ever introduced into the market space. Its features are transparent and super exciting.

Bayen Sharma
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