Artificial Intelligence based Reports & Data Analytics

Have you ever wonder as an organization that does your expense really converges from soup to nuts? Do you aware about the productivity scale of your workforce?

Well, we all know that Data Entry and generating reports is not big deal, but its importance can never be called into doubt. This is an area where you can spare your staff and outsource the role to an intelligent AI system.

Oas36ty is an innovative solution for all your problems. A unique system called Push Reporting System/Escalation Reporting, a stunning feature of Oas36ty that generates reports of the employee’s work rate. It gives complete analysis of an employee’s performance.

Before you realize the need of reports, our Intelligent System pushes it to you. This feature not only benefits the organization in multiple ways but also helps employees to scrutinize their performance and allow them to improve the very aspect where they need improvements.

All this integration, survey and creation of all your data is done with the collaboration of AI and ML.

“Oas36ty , a smart way to track & analyze the growth of your workforce”