How Office Automation could benefit the Business?


Automation is the new phrase which every industry and office want to implement to improve efficiency and productivity. Automation may be implemented in an office to any industry. Let’s understand a problem and solution analysis for office automation:

Problem and challenges faced by offices at work place-

Every workplace faces both external and internal challenges like-

  1. Mismanagement in the office is the biggest problem facing most of the offices
  2. There is a huge chance of losing the task/lead in manual work
  3. Time management is the biggest issue that everyone faces
  4.  Difficult to assign a task to an employee
  5. Employee mismanagement
  6. To track the productivity in the offices
  7. Miscommunication between employees
  8. Struggling with getting tasks/leads in an organized way
  9. Team coordination at the workplace

Now the most important thing is how office automation could benefit your business?

Benefits of Office Automation-

  • Making your office fully automated will help to communicate clearly
  • Automation could help to manage your team leader
  • Improved work accuracy
  • Improvement in the work process
  • Automation is very helpful to facilitate teamwork and collaboration
  • Delegate tasks to promote development at the workplace
  • Solves general office problems with your team
  • Set teamwork and analyze results
  • Helps in data management
  • Saves money and time
  • Enhance productivity
  • Improve communication between employee and manager
  • Manage your resources in a very proper way
  • Better understand and manage your budget

Now a question must be hitting your mind that is it possible to make your office fully automated?

Yes, it is possible to make your office fully automated with Oas36ty. As we all know that at work we need to increase productivity. Oas36ty is a unique and innovative tool for complete office automation covering the journey from intelligent meeting, task/lead management, client analyst, staff productivity etc. Oas36ty is a commitment to the success of your business. Implement of Oas36ty will helpful for communicate clearly, manage your team lead, facilitate teamwork and collaboration, delegate task to promote development, solves problem with your team, set teamwork and analyze result and develop your emotional intelligence.

With Oas36ty, you can assign specific tasks to each employee/team member so they know exactly what needs to get done and can track time more accurately. Oas36ty makes it easy to track your team hours and productivity with activity rates, so your business can improve workplace efficiency. Only limited number of hours in a work day and an infinite number of task your has to complete, so Oas36ty helps you to saves a lots of time and the result in increase the productivity to your office. It also helps in managing tasks and deadlines. Oas36ty also has a mobile app for ios and android, you can track your office without your laptop also.

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