What is Intelligent Office Automation Software and why one should use this?

“Do you have any idea how much time you are wasting on working manually at the workplace”?

Nowadays, there are a lot of problems associated with managing the office manually.

Such as;

  1. Mismanagement in the office,
  2. Chances of data losing stored manually,
  3. Problems in assigning any kind of task to an employee,
  4. Chances of losing leads,
  5. Team coordination,
  6. Miscommunication between employees etc.

“Automating your office will reduce your involvement in mundane clerical tasks, such as organizing customer data and creating reports, and leaves you concentrate on the part of business that you prefer. Automating your office will help in reducing the storage space, speeds retrieval and also to allow several employee to access the same data at the same time”

Here we are launching a unique app called Oas36ty for complete office automation. Implement Oas36ty and Increase your growth up to 120%.

In short, Oas36ty can allow your company to:-

  1. Enhance Productivity
  2. Securely store important information.
  3. Track your output and operations
  4. Improve colleague and client communication
  5. Schedule tasks and employee hours.
  6. Better understand and control your budget.
  7. Multiple people can update data simultaneously in the event of changes in schedule.
  8. Safe and fast.
  9. Reduce time and Resources.
  10. Help to improve the whole office process.
  11. Reducing stress related to trying to remember and task management.
  12. Reducing the risk of important things falling through the crack.
  13. Reduce operational cost.
  14. It helps to improve accuracy.
  15. Office automation saves space.
  16. Reduce manual effort.
  17. Improve performance of employees.
  18. Provides timely analysis and reporting of performance meter.
  19. Reduce the rate of errors in office work.

Therefore, Oas36ty plays a crucial role in facilitating the communication, as well as the flow of information and it is an opportunity to grow. I bet it will make your office run smoothly.

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