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    Status of Each Service Job

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More than 80% consulting firms are missing 75% of their customers and leads due to poor lead management. 

Most businesses fail to deliver instant replies and calls as leads increase. Thus contacting and converting each and every lead becomes complicated. That’s where Oas36ty comes in. From contacting the leads to discussing their requirements to confirming the business, Oas36ty makes the entire process stress-free and quick. Its unique mailbox integration allows you to convert the mail into a lead directly. No more switching tabs! 

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More than 90% enterprises operates at 82% loss of their revenues due to ineffective task management.

Employees lose track of tasks in the half due to handling multiple tasks. So, when the task is incomplete or overdue, it gives an upsetting experience for clients. But this will never be the situation while using Oas36ty. It helps you manage every task effortlessly - prioritize, organize, assign - all from one place! You can even create timely reminders hence you need not remember all the tasks. Oas36ty takes care of that! Make the entire office productive by examining your employees’ planned and overdue activities.

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More than 71% businesses experience difficulties due to data inaccessibility when required. 

Previously, if you want to check updates or edit any files, you might have to go to your office and log in to your system. It might have been difficult at times when solving urgent issues. Oas36ty uses advanced cloud-computing technologies that gets you fast data access anywhere and anytime using mobile phones or tablets. Your office need not be limited in location. Just sign in to your CRM and there you go!

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Boost your business with the simplicity of 0as36ty !!

More than 86% companies fail to complete 30% tasks on time due to bad time management.  

Completing tasks on time is trouble-free for a small number of projects. As project increases, there are greater chances of you becoming overwhelmed and losing track of your tasks. With Oas36ty, you can allocate time in respect to individual task followed by reminders and follow ups. Also, it will show you a detailed list of all the tasks and its due dates. No more missing of deadline tasks!

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Most businessmen fail to handle multiple business due to lack of coordination.

Managing multiple businesses can make or break your plan. You might lose track in the midway due to overflowing data and improper coordination between clients and team members. But in case of Oas36ty, it gives you deep insights about your projects by compiling data in one place. Now, you have the clear workflow in front of you and so you can work without any stress. Besides, you can run all your businesses in this single platform rather than switching between multiple apps

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More than 62% of companies are running at a loss due to distorted client communication. 

If you aren’t contacting your clients on a regular basis, you may lose them. Imagine if you have to speak via different mediums for every client, it takes away most of your time. But Oas36ty helps you call, message, and email them without having to switch between windows. It shows your previous discussions, pending invoices, the status of orders, etc., of individual clients so you and your team members can communicate effectively, knowing every detail at fingertips! 

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More than 83% of businesses find 40% of errors in their data because of using pull reporting system. 

In pull reporting system, there’s a greater chance of making mistakes in data and it gets unnoticed. So, it provides incorrect data which in turn leads to customer dissatisfaction. That’s why Oas36ty uses push reporting system. When something is wrong in reports, it will notify you immediately. This highly reduces human errors and delivers you error-free data. 

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More than 64% of businesses are losing their profit by 30% due to non-synchronous invoice and payments. 

Normally, proposal invoicing and payments have to be handled manually and requires two persons at least. It is not-only time consuming but also utilises more labour hours; when it can be done automatically. To ease that procedure, Oas36ty has introduced a single platform to sync invoices and payment processing. Focus on tasks that matter!

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